Government wants to extricate PM, says Imran

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan on Saturday expressed that government wants to delay Panam Leaks matter to save Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Aaj news reported.

Khan stressed that, terms of references committee for Panama leaks is lingering on. Indirectly referring to the government, khan said that, PML-n is petrified of the fact that investigation into this matter would expose prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.

He also said that, government showed their stubbornness on probing of four constituencies which led PTI to months of protest. Adding to this, Khan said that evidence of rigging was found in all four of the constituencies.

Khan vows to implement article six on the person involved in electoral sham.

Shekih Rasid on the other hand also met Khan at his home in Bani Gala. The two leaders decide to launch a nationwide protest against government after Eid-Ul-Fitar.