Google’s Page secretly building flying cars

We have all seen flying cars… in movies off course, scientists and engineers however, from countless companies have been dwelling for years to mould those dreams into reality.

Google, the tech giant that has been quite active in pursuing a varied set of goals i.e. Self Driving cars, AI bots. However, we are not talking about Google, this is about Larry Page Google’s co-founder was has been personally funding a pair of startups involved into creating flying cars, according to Bloomberg.

As per reports, Page has funded one startup, named Zee.Aero, with more than $100 million since the company inception, back in 2010, and has also put money into another, called Kitty Hawk, since last year.

Bloomberg reported that Page is following guys like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Teslas’s Elon Musk, who used their personal fortune to their childhood ambitions.

The report added, that the two companies operate completely separately, , and Zee.Aero conducts tests at an airport, which is situated “about a 70-minute drive south from Mountain View.” The company currently has two prototypes that it’s testing, and engineers hired over from NASA, Boeing, SpaceX and other companies are helping to build them.

Whereas on the other hand Kitty Hawk, is apparently working on a flying car that looks pretty identical to a “giant version of a quadcopter drone.”

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