Fawad explained his no kissing policy

WEB DESK: Fawad’s ‘no-kissing policy’ has made him prominent in Film Industry. Fawad was being interviewed about masculinity in Bollywood. He explained about his code of not locking lips on screen broadly.

“My core audience, not just in Pakistan, but across the board has always appreciated my old-world approach to romance on screen,” he begins.

“I’m not offended when I see something on screen, but I feel there are a lot of lovely stories I would like to tell my audience and this fact of intimacy should not become an obstacle. For example in Kapoor & Sons I feel people have been able to appreciate my character because I don’t make them uncomfortable in their seats. Maybe they’re able to accept a lot of things because of that.”

Fawad is confident that his ‘no-kissing policy’ won’t dump his career. “If I do come across a script at this stage in my career where the director or producer feels it’s absolutely necessary to perform acts of physical intimacy on screen, I might just shy away from it. I may lose an opportunity but I know where I’m coming from,” he says.

When Fawad was asked about those scenes which require appearing shirtless on screen, he said,

“Ya, if a role requires it, then it will be cool. Matlab it will be nice to try everything. I am petrified about dancing, but I still would like to try it. My only request to producers is that please give me a heads up when you’re doing such things because I’m not as accustomed to coming and getting it right at the first go like other stars, so I’d like some more time to rehearse.”

He adds to his statement that it’s not important to have perfect body, “When it comes to taking off your shirt or making the six pack ab for a role, it’s nice but I also appreciate artistes like Leonardo DiCaprio who I think still carries a pot belly and yet has become one of the greatest sex icons not just in Hollywood but all over the world. So I feel it’s secondary, but if the role requires it, why not?”

Fawad Khan will be next seen in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil along with Aishwarya Rai, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma.