Cure for halting diabetes?

WEB DESK: Diabetes has become the subject of numerous studies, and why not it is one of the most life altering diseases one can get.

Now, the latest study reveals that reduction in weight by just 10 percent could cut the chance of developing the disease by up to those most susceptible. According to Expess, the breakthrough research is going to be showcased at a European obesity summit to be held in Sweden.

The ‘Preview’ study is the largest trial of its kind, in which eight nations participated to investigate the best means to tackle the growing Diabetes epidemic. 2,300 people with pre-diabetes committed to an eight week Cambridge Weight Plan formula diet of 800 kcal per day along with regular, controlled exercise.

The results found that obese people cut their diabetes risk, which the experts say could reduce the risk by 90pc with just 10pc loss in body weight.

“We know losing weight is the key to preventing diabetes, along with permanent dietary change and more physical activity. The more weight lost initially, the greater the chance of people remaining clear of diabetes for longer, provided they can keep the weight off,” said Adrian Brown, a specialist weight management dietitian at Imperial College, London.

“With evidence from other studies, we can be confident the 10.8 per cent weight loss from the diet, if maintained, would be associated with a 90 per cent reduction in diabetes risk over three years.”

As per News Medical, the subjects underwent the formula weight loss course, and lost on average 10.8pc or 10.7 kilograms of their initial average weight, which was 99 kilograms.

They were then randomised into groups to analyze the impact of high and low exercise and diets based on high and low protein and high and low glycaemic index diets, over the two year period.

“The more weight lost and maintained, the greater the proportion of people who remain diabetes-free”, said Dr Anthony Leeds, an obesity specialist at Central Middlesex Hospital. “They need to lose and keep off about 10 percent of their weight,” he added.

The findings come after previous recent studies which have shown that weight loss and maintenance is the key part of diabetes prevention programmes, and that the more weight lost, the greater proportion of people stay diabetes free.

Source: Business Recorder