Bored of the same glittery nails? Try wood grain!

WEB DESK: If you don’t like too much glitter or nails that have embellishments, go for woodgrain nails. The latest manicure trend that is doing the rounds is woodgrain manicure. Inspired by Stella McCartney’s spring collection and curated by manicurist and designer Madeline Poole for a magazine, this manicure seems to be quite a hit already with women who like to have their nails minimalistic.

They are not too flashy, but at the same time, it looks earthy and stylish. Here are some tips to give your nails a wood-grain finish.

– Decide on a base colour. If you are going in for a dark colour, apply two coats. If you opt for a lighter shade, apply at least three coats so that there is full opacity .

 – Once you paint your nails, let it dry for 20 minutes.
 – Once it’s dry , choose a contrasting colour that will go well with your base coat.
 – Use a thin brush to apply the grains. Simply paint vertical lines on top of your base colour. Don’t draw them straight; instead, slightly paint slanting lines that resemble wood grains.
 – You can, in fact, do the detailing by adding triangles within the vertical lines to give it a natural feel.
 – If you cannot paint using a thin brush, use a sketch pen that has a skinny brush tip. You can even use safety pins or toothpick by simply sinking them into the bottle and then applying them on your nails.
 – Once you are done painting your nails, use a top coat so that your grains don’t fade away.