A Voice has been silenced


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On one fine and blessed evening of holy month of Ramadan when sun was shining all brightly, birds were chirping, where everyone was busy as usual working or rushing towards home.

Older or younger, on busiest roads of the city, heading to reach their destiny, many were busy with their business leaving their miseries behind. Life was at its fullest and moving rapidly when once again a soul was attacked.

The sound of fire stopped life when the news was outspread about the death of Amjad Sabri Qawwal. This time, hate mongers attacked art and gunned down a beautiful voice. A person who was spreading love of Allah through his magical voice was being killed.

Who would thought about such grave loss when Amjad Sabri sung a beautiful kalam live on television earlier that morning. The atmosphere stilled, shocked and mourned over such expensive lost. The life in the city stopped, and entire city wept for its beloved Amjad Sabri.

The name does not need any reference or introduction. The name Amjad Sabri is known to everyone who is belonged to dearest Pakistan. He is not only admired in homeland but gained respect and recognition worldwide.

Surely, Amjad Sabri is an enormous loss for us. It is unfortunate that we could not secure a legend like him and outside country, where his fans awaits for his concerts deliberately. A soul like Amjad Sabri, down to earth, who nurtured miserable souls with his exceptional voice, gave his everything to us but sadly we are unfitted to protect this son of Karachi.

With each passing hour, the fact of this greatest lost grows. Many people come and go maybe some stayed for a longer time, but the place of Amjad Sabri remain empty.

Sabri, a beautiful soul, has been silenced now and is in a better place but we, who were powerless to guard our greatest treasure, our greatest asset are mourning and will mourn every time whenever someone will sing “pareshaniyan hum ko gheray huye hain, pareshaniyon sey pannah mangta houn.”