Five wonderful benefits of congregational prayers

WEB DESK: There is a famous Hadith which Abdullah bin Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated: Allah’s Messenger said, “The prayer in congregation is twenty seven times superior to the prayer offered by person alone.” (Sahih Bukhari 1:61)

This means that a person who prays in congregation is rewarded twenty seven times more as to when he/she prays alone.

Here we list five wonderful benefits of congregational prayers (Salaat ul Jamaat)

1. Equality

In the congregation, rich and poor, high and low, all stand shoulder to shoulder. This promotes the concept of equality of all human beings.

2. Unity

Congregational prayers teaches us the lesson that we, as Muslims,should be united at all times.

3. Love and Co operation

People meet one another when they go to masjid for congregational prayers. They get to know each others hardships and worries and may try to help each other.Hence, mutual love and co operation develops.

4. Discipline


While offering Salaat in Jamaat we stand in rows, follow the Imam of Jamaat and practice obedience to Allah. This inculcates sense of discipline in us

5. Special Reward

As mentioned earlier, the reward for offering prayers in congregation is twenty seven times more than that of praying alone.