Want to see Shahrukh a star, nothing else: Ram Gopal

Image: The Indian Express

WEB DESK: Few days earlier, news of Ram Gopal Varma bashing Shahrukh Khan for his movie Fan, was circling the media. Now, Varma is again in the news but for a different reason altogether.

Ram Gopal Varma earlier said that Shahrukh Khan may lose his superstar status to Salman Khan if he keeps doing movies like Fan, and keep making the same mistakes Kamaal Hasaan made.

He shared: “Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc. is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Haasan did to lose his stardom to Rajinikanth (Salman Khan). Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajinikanth till he started doing dwarf, fat, tall etc. and as a fan, I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers.”

Varma took to Twitter on April 23 to question Shah Rukh’s movie selection process, saying that he “should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be (like) Salman”.

Asked to justify his statement on the “Chennai Express” star, Varma, who was in the capital on Wednesday to promote his forthcoming film “Veerappan”, said: “It is still the same. It was a compliment (for Shah Rukh). I am a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and I would like to see him as a star and not just anything else.”

He shared: “Great actors are dime a dozen in NSD (National School of Drama), stage etc whereas stars like SRK come blessed by God/Allah/Buddha etc, which is what SRK is not realising. Clint Eastwood super star for 30 years being himself and then is critics Hero. I don’t believe in God but as fan I pray to Allah SRK realises truth”.