World’s first robot smartphone launched

WEB DESK: From assembling cars at the factories to toys, robots are everywhere, and now they come to our pockets as smartphones.

World’s first robotic smartphone has been released, by none other than Japan. According to EFE news, the robotic mobile phone, called ‘RoBoHon’ is a pocket-size walking and dancing robot. The human-shaped smartphone, is developed by Sharp and engineer Tomotaka Takahashi, inventor of the first robot astronaut ‘Kirobo’.

According to Gizmoids, the latest robotic mobile phone is not just your regular handset, but the 19.5-cm tall humanoid robot, weighing approx 390gm can also function as a projector for displaying videos, photos or maps, similar to sci-fi movies.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer would be producing 5,000 units per month, aiming to be the leader of this type of mobile after it was takeover by the Taiwanese company Hon Hai, commonly known as Foxconn.

The report added the RoBoHon also offers a wide range of applications. Other than that one special feature about this robotic smart phone is that it makes the use of its secondary camera to recognize faces of people, and then addresses the user by his or her name.

Source: Business Recorder