World largest hotel with 10,000 rooms to open in Makkah next year

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia is set to have world’s largest hotel with 10,000 room with a cost of $3.5 billion next year.

The Abraj Kudai hotel will have 10,000 rooms and suites in 686,000 square feet of space, and will cost $3.5 billion to build.

Currently, Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest hotel in terms of the number of guest rooms. The MGM Grand has a record 6,198 rooms, according to hotel industry research firm STR Inc.

The Abraj Kudai will be conveniently located around the corner from the Masjid al-Haram, the world’s largest mosque, and will cater to pilgrims who come to Makkah, a report aired by a private news channel quoted.

Among the posh amenities planned for the mega-hotel are 70 restaurants, a mall, a convention center, prayer areas, and even floors reserved for royals.

According to renderings provided by Dar Al-Handasah, the design firm handling the Abraj Kudai, the hotel will have 12 towers; ten of them will have four-star rooms, while the other two feature five-star rooms.

The interiors will be designed by the London-based Areen Hospitality Group. There are no estimated room rates yet, but expect them to be on the higher end, especially since each of those 12 towers will have a helipad on top for guests who arrive via chopper. -APP