Parvaiz terms US attitude on F-16’s sale inappropriate

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has said attitude of United States Senate Committee regarding purchasing of F-16 jet fighters is not appropriate and it is just creating trouble for Obama administration.

The United States should realize that Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism to ensure peace in the world, he said while speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazr and Perspective programme of Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel.

Defense analyst Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif, Senator Nehal Hashmi and other senior experts also expressed their views in the programme.

Pervaiz Rashid said the United States agreed to give subsidy on the purchase of F-16s, but it has backed out of the agreement because of Congress pressure.

Pakistan is sacrificing lives of its citizens and suffering economic losses for the global peace. The United States should also realize that Pakistan is not fighting war against terrorism just  for itself but it is for the global peace.

Pakistan is fighting war against terrorists successfully and F-16 fighter jets are playing a vital role in continuing war against terrorism.

Defense analyst Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif said Pakistan should look for other options other than the United States to strengthen its defense. “We already have developed JF-17 Thunder with the support of China and these are reliable and affordable jets and becoming backbone of our Air Force.”

Defense analyst Lt Gen (Retd) Amjad Shoaib said Pakistan was interested in purchase of F-16 fighter jets from the United States because our pilots are familiar with F-16. The pilots of our country are very competent and capable to operate the fighter jets. The United States should realize that these fighter jets were to be used in the ongoing war against terrorism.

“US Congress is under the strong influence of Indian lobby. Therefore, we should not depend on United States.”

Senator Nehal Hashmi said the government will try to mature F-16 deal till the last moment. Pakistan is the major coalition partner of the US in the war on terrorism. Washington is aware of this fact that Pakistan is not its colony. We can purchase fighter jets from other countries as well. Pakistan will consult with other suppliers of F-16s regarding the alternatives of financing.-APP