This method would revolutionize Diabetes checkup

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Diabetes in itself is one of the cruelest diseases, which involves regular monitoring with painful procedures that consist of skin pricking for glucose measurement.

Not anymore, scientists have created a portable blood glucose measure for diabetics, which use the technology of microwaves than the old pricking the skin method. According to BBC, researchers from the University of Cardiff, has created a monitor, which does the measuring without a drop of blood.

“It will help with the management of the condition,” says Prof Adrian Porch of Cardiff University, School of Engineering.

“Conventional methods of monitoring blood glucose require the extraction of blood. Our device is non-invasive – it does not require the extraction of blood apart from the initial calibration,” he added.

The new device can stick to the skin using a fixative, while the data which it collects can be monitored by a computer.

Coming to the part of using microwaves, which seems dangerous when someone body is involved. Porch said, “It uses microwaves, but the levels are very, very low. Nowhere near the levels used in domestic cooking.” He added “Think about a mobile phone, we’re about a thousand times less than that level.”

Source: Business Recorder