The New Age Khan is Fawad Khan

Photo: hippakistan

WEB DESK: A day is not complete until a new post about Fawad Khan is not seen. His high is getting higher and the story of his success continues.


Photo: hippakistan

A magazine, Hi Blitz has named him as the ‘The New Age Khan.’ There is no argument that he has taken the Bollywood by storm and is doing very well for himself.

fawad-2 Photo: hippakistan

As we all know magazines have made a habit of featuring the Pakistani super star on their cover pages and, honestly, why wouldn’t they. How can anyone resist picking up a magazine which features this:

fawaddd Photo: hippakistan

Khan recently did a photo shoot for Hi! Blitz. It is “a premium lifestyle magazine that introduces India’s aspiring affluent to the good life. It covers iconic personalities from all walks of life and creates lifestyle benchmarks for readers to aspire to.” Here is a click from the shoot.

fawad-khanPhoto: hippakistan

The current photo shoot surely has set some very high benchmarks for the actors and men in general out there. But most importantly, the magazine calls Fawad Khan, “The New Age Khan”, and we could definitely get used to that title. He did outdid “the Khans” in the Time Celebex Top Actors ranking AND was termed the third most desirable man in “Times Most Desirable Men 2015” list.