Take precautions: Eye allergies to rise this summer

ISLAMABAD: Eye allergies and infections are surging up among citizens with the hot summer season in the country, doctors said.

Talking to a private news channel, Eye Specialist Dr Khalid Mahmood said “Eye allergies tend to flare up during summer season. During the winter to summer transition period, pollen is released into the air, which causes allergies”.

“This allergy is known as allergic conjunctivitis or spring catarrh, and is caused by an increase in temperature and dust.Children are usually affected by this,” he added.

Head of ophthalmology at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Dr Tanveer Chaudhry said “germs become active in the summer and the virus spreads quickly if one does not take proper care of hygiene”.

Ophthalmologist confirmed that they get at least two or more patients a day who complain of heat-related eye allergies.

Problems like dryness in the eye, itching, discharge and redness are usually side effects of the excessive heat. “There is a lot of dust during summer and the sun rays are fierce, so one needs to shield one’s eyes”, and prevention is fairly simple invest in a good pair of sunglasses that filters out ultra-violet rays, Ophthalmologist added.

“Good shades help in cooling your eyes,” In-charge Ophthalmology Department, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Dr Alyscia Cheema said.

“If a dust particle enters the eyes, it shouldn’t be rubbed in.Instead, take a tumbler of water, fill it to the brim, bring it close to your eyes and blink into it,” he advised.

Alyscia said ” tear substitutes are a good way to keep eyes healthy.Lubricating eye drops are available over the counter, but it is always safer to consult an ophthalmologist before using these drops.They are sterile water and are safer than tap water”.

She advised the eye patients to regularly consult with ophthalmology for avoiding further complications during the summer season.

Source: APP