Swiss village chose to pay heavy fine instead of accepting 10 refugees

A rich Swiss village refused to accept 10 refugees and opted for paying a fine of £20000 instead.

According to a report in Telegraph, residents of one of the wealthiest villages of Europe Oberwil-Lieli voted ‘no’ in a referendum concerning whether to welcome refugees or not.

The Swiss government had announced a quota system for its towns, after pledging to accept around 50,000 asylum seekers.

The village, which counts 300 millionaires in total population of 22,000, refusal to accept the government plan, has provided shock waves around the state, with some accusing it of racism.

According to the report, the villagers said that they are not comfortable to accept refugees in and they may not fit with them.

But another woman of the village said the decision will portray that ‘we do not care about what happens around and care for only ourselves but that is not true.’

Andreas Glarner, the town mayor, denies that the voting and decision was took or motivated by racism.