Sonu Nigam goes unrecognized on the streets of Mumbai

Photo: Business Recorder

Renowned Indian singer Sonu Nigam has been spotted on the streets of Mumbai begging and performing for the people around. Some gave him money as alms; others recorded him on their phones. One young man, after his performance, asked him if he’d eaten anything, and quietly handed him twelve rupees.

Sonu Nigam along with the YouTube channel ‘Being Indian’ participated in a social experiment where Sonu Nigam disguised himself as a beggar, sat at the corner of a busy street and sang while playing a harmonium. A video of this act, named ‘The Roadside Ustaad’ was released by ‘Being Indian’ on Tuesday.

Talking about the experience, Nigam said, “I went without any expectations, totally bereft of any awkwardness for the way I was looking and what I was about to subject myself to. For the first time, I was not me. The make-up was so good and authentic that people standing so close to me, couldn’t recognize,” India Today reported.

The 12 rupees he received from his fan has also been framed in his office as a memento.

Take a look at his disguised performance on street.