‘Sarbjit’ does not show Pakistan in bad light: Randeep Hooda

WEB DESK: Based on the life of an Indian who was captured near the border of Pakistan, Sarbjit, allegedly for being an Indian spy, the actor playing the convict, has said that the movie is not about bashing Pakistan.
“I don’t think there is any Pakistan bashing per say in the film. But yes, there are a lot of prisoners over there and some are subjected to atrocities. I am not sure if that happens here as well…If you treat somebody for such things just because of their nationality and not their crime, then, if it happens in India or Pakistan, it is always wrong,” the actor said.
The director said that the movie is not about showing Pakistan in the bad light, rather it is about a life of a man who was stuck in between the political climate of the neighbouring countries.
“The film is based in a Pakistan prison. But there is nothing that we are bashing a country like Pakistan. It’s just a situation where a normal person is stuck between the political ups and downs between the two countries.”
The movie is about an Indian convict, whose family tried hardest to bring him justice. The characetr Aishwariya is playing the of Dalbir Kaur, who is the sister of Sarbjit.
“Aishwarya is like my younger sister. I saw a lot of me in her. It must’ve been difficult for her to adapt to Punjabi culture, language. It must’ve have been emotional for her too. I feel extremely proud of her and Randeep,” Dalbir said.
Aishwariya, on the other hand feels for the family’s suffering and the need of protection of their privacy.
“It is their (family’s) story, their film, they have a birth right to be privy and yet they extended liberty, faith and grace, which is truly commendable. You story does need to reach far and wide,” Aishwarya said.
Sarbjit is all set to be released on May 20th.