Running barefoot may help boost your brain

WEB DESK: There are many things one could do to improve their mental capabilities, but there are few as simple then just running barefoot.

You heard it right, running barefoot boost your brain power, says the latest studies. The working memory, which refers to our ability to recall and process information, is improved by running barefoot.

According to NDTV, a study conducted by the University of Florida, US said that this ‘working memory’ is utilized throughout man’s lifetime. Therefore, improving it would be beneficial in so many arease ranging from school to work to retirement.

“Working memory is increasingly recognized as a crucial cognitive skill, and these findings are great news for people looking for a fun way to boost their working memory,” said one of the researchers, Tracy Alloway.

72 people aged between 18 and 44, participate in the study, ran both barefoot and with shoes on at a comfortable, self-selected pace for approximately 16 minutes. The research found out that the working memory performance increased significantly by 16 percent for those running in barefoot condition. There was no significant increase witnessed in the working memory when running with shoes.

The findings were published in the journal ‘Perceptual and Motor Skills, “If we take off our shoes and go for a run, we can finish smarter than when we started,” said Ross Alloway, University of North Florida.

Source: Business Recorder