Resham comes back with a bang

WEB DESK: The new age cinema of Pakistan is introducing their new productions with the merge of new talent and the old classical actors. Thus this blend has made these productions more interesting, not just for the youth also for the senior class of the society.

Newcomers like Bilal Ashraf and Armeena Khan reaching new heights, we also see veteran artists, such as Shaan Shahid and Saima, updating themselves to fit in the current style of film making.

The famous actress Resham recently bagged the Best Actress in a Soap award at the ‘4th Servis Hum Awards’.

Last year Resham performed in “Swaarangi” which was a dismal performance at the box office. But Resham didn’t stop there and now she is all set to bring her latest war-oriented action/drama film to the big screens.

The story revolves around the 1971 war and the lives of people who were affected during the partition of West and East Pakistan (now two separate nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh). This movie will take you back to 60’s era.

Sources revealed that the movie is funded by ISPR. We can surely expect a solid dose of patriotism and nationalism in the film. The story is of much sensitive subject and will hit people emotionally.