PEMRA to ban Hindi dubbed cartoons

WEB DESK: PEMRA the country’s media regulatory authority has decided to ban dubbed cartons on television. The ban is to be imposed on cartoon channels, and specifically targets cartoons dubbed in Hindi language.

According to local media reports, the move by the electronic media regulator comes after orders by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take stern action against objectionable content aired on the TV channels.

As per reports, watching Hindi dubbed cartoons, leads to the adoption of Hindi words especially among children, who are naturally the primary audience watching cartoons. Other than that, such cartoons also include words which are specific to Hindu culture. PEMRA therefore, has taken strict measure by banning Hindi dubbed cartoons.

The latest move is deemed positive, especially among parents who are disgruntled due to the rapid adoption of Hindi language among their children. One such parent said “my young son once asked me, dad can you give some ‘jankari’ about this game”. “I was shocked” said the father of two.

The report added, television serials were blamed as the prime offenders, whereas some channels were also accused of being bribed and promoting agendas against Pakistani society and even against certain individuals.

Source: Business Recorder