Partly Facetious: Dar’s affidavit made under duress

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“Do you know the difference between a Senator and Member of the National Assembly (MNA)?” “A Senator is chosen by the party leader, owes fealty to him, though the matter of Babar Awan, PhD Montecito…”

“Hey, Montecito be damned, don’t forget Awan does win cases and, unlike some PML-N lawyers, not only when the party is in power.” “Can that be judicial bashing?”

“Don’t be silly, I was implying that by mounting a weak prosecution many cases have been won, take the case of Dar sahib’s affidavit which the court judged was made under duress but the year of the judgement was 2010 when Shahbaz Sharif was responsible for appointing the prosecutor.” “Hmmm.”

“And I would challenge the relevance of your use of the word fealty? You do know that fealty is loyalty shown to a feudal lord by a vassal, and if you don’t know what a vassal means then in your language it is hari…”

“See Harry would have been a good name for the Khan’s offshore company…I mean Maryam Nawaz made fun of the Khan’s choice of offshore account name which was Niazi… see Nescoll or Neelson or…”

“Don’t be facetious, I said hari not Harry… besides the Khan’s English credentials are a lot stronger than of the Sharif’s, Mayfair flats notwithstanding, though I don’t think it was the First Daughter who mentioned the Khan’s choice of name for his offshore account.”

“Now who is being mean, we are not in the business of meanness my friend…I ask you how many of us give Pakistani names to our pets, we invariably use Anglo Saxon names and the First Daughter was probably informed that Anglo Saxon names are the in-thing when selecting a name for one’s offshore account…”

“I give up, but going back to the difference between a senator and a MNA, I would like to point out to you that even MNAs in this country owe fealty to their party leader so I don’t think that is the difference.”

“That is not technically correct though I would assume it is factually correct.” “And since when have we become a nation that is concerned about being factually correct?” “There I agree with you.”-Business Recorder