Partly Facetious: Brand Maryam Nawaz compromised

WEB DESK: “I heard Mian sahib was extremely upset that Brand Maryam Nawaz has been compromised with the Panama Papers.”

“I don’t get it.” “Maryam Nawaz was going to be PML-N candidate for Prime Minister in 2018 I heard. That would have meant all power to Mian sahib with none of its negatives, and by negatives I am referring to this bad publicity business, the hounding by the media in foreign lands…”

“Speaking of publicity is Maryam Nawaz still heading the media cell, with Pervez Rashid, Danyal Aziz, Talal Chaudhry and the Privatisation chap who had a lot of free time as privatisation was brought to a standstill as per Mian sahib’s instructions…”

“Privatisation is at a standstill as per the poor investment climate my friend.” “In this country privatisation is stalled not because the offer price is going to be low, as the auction of the 3 G license in June would indicate – a decision initially opposed by the relevant stakeholders arguing that the climate is not good but it was backed by Dar the Powerful who wanted to show a lower deficit…”

“I get it but Zubair of the same lineage as Asad Umer who constantly attacks the PML-N was picked because he was supposed to trump Asad Umer… that hasn’t happened.” “I agree, as I don’t think the game being played is trumps, more like poker.”

“Don’t be facetious. Any way is Maryam Nawaz still running the media cell? I mean after the Pervez Rashid-Naeemul Haq meeting on the motorway, the sudden disappearance of Danyal Aziz from the idiot box though Talal Chaudhry is still gung-ho about attacking…” “I heard that Parvez Rashid is no longer acting as the third wheel in his own ministry anymore and is being supported by the second tier PML-N leadership you know the Khawajas…”

“Second tier?” “Only three individuals are not second tier – Mian sahib, his spouse and his elder daughter.” “Hmmm, but now that Brand Maryam Nawaz has been compromised do you reckon she would change her name back to Maryam Safdar? You know the name used in setting up the offshore account?”

“That Captain Safdar! I bet he married someone else whose name was also Maryam and…” “Don’t be facetious, but two years is a lot of time for our public to forget so no Brand Maryam Nawaz is simply undergoing a change of logo.” “I guess.” –Business Recorder