Panama Papers: dead lock between parliamentary body on ToRs

ISLAMABAD: 12 Parliamentary Committee on Panama Papers, in its meeting in Islamabad on Friday, discussed fifteen questions proposed by the joint opposition.

The government members did not accept these in the present form and proposed to submit fresh proposals.

The government side also circulated among the members a document mentioning relevant legal provisions and comments relating to the fifteen questions.

The Committee agreed to continue its discussion on the Terms of Reference in subsequent meetings.

The opposition members stated that they had proposed to drop question numbers twelve and thirteen subject to the acceptance of the remaining thirteen questions by the government members.

Mr. Zahid Hamid, MNA, has been included as member of the committee in place of Khawaja Muhammad Asif. There will be no ex-officio member of the committee.

The committee will hold its next meeting at 4:00 p.m. on Monday at Parliament House in Islamabad.

However according to Aitzaz Ahsan said that, there is a dead lock between opposition and government on the issue of ToRs. –Radio Pakistan