Pakistani parliamentarians condemns hanging of JI’s leader, passes resolutin

 ISLAMABAD: Lawmakers in the National Assembly Wednesday while strongly condemning execution of Jamaat- e-Islami leader, Matti Ur Rehman in Bangladesh demanded of the government, international community and international human rights organization to take notice of human rights violation.

Speaking in the House after passing a unanimous resolution to condemn hanging of Matti Ur Rehman, they said that it was an inhuman act and also violation of tripartite agreement signed among Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in 1974.

They also called for convening a joint meeting of standing committees of both the houses on Foreign Affairs to devise a concrete strategy to take up the issue.

Thanking the members for passing the resolution unanimously Jamaat-e-Islami legislator, Sher Akbar Khan demanded to ensure mplementation of the tripartite agreement among the three countries signed in 1974.

He said that the issue should be raised at an international forum besides implementing the agreement in toto.

Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique termed it serious and grave issue and called for ensuring protection to people those who were patriotic to Pakistan. He said that Pakistan should express its concerns in this regard with whole Muslim Ummah besides China and an International community.

He said, “the daughter of Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman is sowing thorns between Pak-Bangladesh relations”.

Those people were being hanged in Bangladesh who had done nothing against the constitution, he added.

The minister said sentiments of whole Pakistani nation badly hurt with the execution of JI leaders in Bangladesh.

They were being punished mere for their support to united Pakistan, he              added.

He also urged media to highlight and debate this grave issue. Saad said that a special committee should be set up to devise a policy and conveyed our concerns to Bangladesh and Muslim Ummah in this regard.

Sahibzada Muhammad Yaqoob condemned the hanging and said Mattiur Rehman was hanged for being pro Pakistan in 1971 war.

He said the people who demonstrated loyalty with united Pakistan in 1971 war were being treated brutally.

Moeen Wattoo said that it was an act of severe human rights violation and Pakistan should cut its diplomatic relations with Bangladesh.

He said those who loved Pakistan were being martyred in Bangladesh which was a matter of deep concern.

Maulana Amir Zaman on behalf of his party condemned the execution of JI leader and said that Bangladesh ambassador should be summoned to Foreign Office to lodge strong protest over the hanging of Mattiur Rehman.

Haji Shah Jee Gul Afridi, Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf, Mian Abdul Manan,  Tahira Aurangzeb, Maulana Gohar Shah, Chaudhary Bashir Virk and Sardar Awais Leghari also condemned hanging of Mattiur Rehman and termed it violation of human and political rights.

Earlier, the National Assembly unanimously passed a condemnation resolution and expressed deep concern over the execution of Mattiur Rehman.- APP