Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan: Asif

SIALKOT: Federal Minister for Defence, Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that Pakistan will continue its all out sincere efforts and struggle to establish a durable peace in Afghanistan despite the recent US drone attack on Pakistan adding that Islamabad had ever intended to establish good relations with its neighbours.

He stated this while addressing the newsmen at Sialkot Press Club here Saturday after administrating oath to the newly elected office bearers of Sialkot Press Club during a special ceremony .

Replying to a question, Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that the US drone attack is not the failure of Pakistan foreign policy.

However, he said that this drone attack has badly affected the ongoing peace efforts of establishing peace in Afghanistan.

He said that Pakistan has no objection over the development of Chah Bahar project by Iran itself; however, the Iran must have kept the bad design of India against Pakistan. He said that India had not yet liked or accepted the great success of CPEC project due to which India was trying to develop its commercial and diplomatic relations with others including Iran and Afghanisran against Pakistan.

He asked both USA and Afghanistan to show their sincerity for establishing durable peace in Afghanistan and the Afghans should end the blame game, in this regard.

He said that the TTP top leaders have the safer shelter places in Afghanistan and everyone knows about this fact but no international power including USA was ready to take action against these shelter places of the TTP in Afghanistan, from where, the TTP leaders (including Mullah Fazal Ullah) were busy in hatching international conspiracies to destabilize Pakistan with the help of India.

He said that the several international powers including India do not want to see CEPC project as successful, which would open the new vistas of socio-economic and human development in Pakistan. He said that the India and other international power are creating seen and unseen hurdles in the way of the CPEC project as well.

He said that despite all the hurdles, the CPEC project was moving ahead towards the goal of great success and the fruits of the CPEC project would start reaching to the Pakistani nation very soon. He asked the neighbours and the other countries of this region to contact Pakistan for getting linked with CPEC Proejct as well.

Federal Defence Minister said that the Pakistan is keeping all the options open over the burning issue of giving or non-giving of the F-16 planes to Pakistan by the USA. He said that the international power including USA are providing the ammunition/weapons to India against Pakistan by ignoring the own interests of Pakistan, in this regard.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that PML-N government had made the defence of Pakistan as hard to beat, saying that the defence of Pakistan was in very strong hands and no one could dare to see Pakistan with bad eyes as well.

He said that prevailing security situation is getting better day by day in Pakistan, saying the present security situation was far better that the security situation which had been there in Pakistan several years ago.

He said that the atomic capacity has now become the beigest guarantee of safety and strong defence of Pakistan. He said that the Nawaz Sharif had given the identification of as a nuclear power to Pakistani by ignoring the mounted international and western pressures, in this regard.

He said that despite the Pakistan was confronting from several inner and outer dangers, Pakistan had got several unmatched big success against the terrorism by battling against terrorism, extremism and militancy in Pakistan in the ongoing Zarb-e-Azb Operation being carried out by the Pak Army.

He said that the government was committed to weed out terrorism from Pakistan, saying that the Zarb-e-Azb operation will continue till the last terrorist is eliminated. He said that Pakistan is doing all the anti-terrorism efforts on itself under the supervision of Pak Army, as Pakistan had never taken any help of other international forces, in this regard.

He said that now the Panama Leaks is the issue of only few elements in Pakistan, saying that it was not the issue of the Pakistani nation. He said that the political elements raising the Panama Leaks issue for their personal political gains, were now trying to escape from this issue.

He said that everyone should taste the accountability, saying that the government was ready to start the accountability of everyone.

Federal Minister added that there was dire need of early establishment of a full-fledged independent powerful institution for conducting the accountability of everyone in Pakistan without any indiscrimination as well, saying that the political elements busy in doing negative politics of their personal gains and politics of conflict , were now against underestimating the collective political awareness of the masses.-Business Recorder