Pak-Afghan border: work on fence installation begins

The construction of a fence at Pak-Afghan border, Torkham, was formally launched on Saturday after Inspector General of Frontier Corps’ (IGFC) visit to the site. Ghuncha Gul, the political Tehsildar of Torkham, told reporters that work on the fence began at 10:00am (Saturday) and all sorts of traffic has also been restored via Torkham border since Friday night after General Raheel Sharif, the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), ordered the re-opening of the Pak-Afghan border.

Meanwhile, IGFC Major General Shaheen Mazhar visited Pak-Afghan border Torkham inspecting the site of fence installation and observed the construction work.

He also met the Jawans (youth) of FC force and awarded a cash amount to them for excellent security arrangements that they made during the four days of border closure.

It was learnt that FC force personnel were awarded for their bravery and vigilance at Torkham border to thwart any unpleasant incident during the four-day border closure.

The officials of the political administration at Torkham border told media persons that around 7,000 to 8,000 pedestrians cross the border daily and some 250 trucks entered Afghanistan via Torkham border carrying export goods while some 120 trucks laden with import goods also entered Pakistan via Torkham.

The Pak-Afghan border Torkham was closed after the Afghanistan border officials asked Pakistan border authorities to stop the construction work on the installation of a fence closed to Afghanistan side.

The Pakistani border authorities closed the Torkham border for all sorts of traffic in protest, arguing that the border would remain close till the resumption of work on fence.

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