Now, anyone can access NASA’s technology

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WEB DESK: Well, if one is interested to know what NASA is up to, what kind of technologies have been developed by NASA over the years, now you can access them.

According to Tech Times, using the space agency new database, one can now search for thousands of expired patents using it. The reasoning behind this move is to inspire people to launch a new age of entrepreneurship

“By making these technologies available in the public domain, we are helping foster a new era of entrepreneurship that will again place America at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing and economic competitiveness.

By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialize NASA technologies” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer program.

The new database is called the NASA Patent Portfolio, which features technologies developed for 15 different areas i.e. electronics, optics, communications, sensors, automation, propulsion and control, robotics, manufacturing, medicine and biotechnology, health, information technology and software, aeronautics and power generation and storage.

Apart from that the US space agency has also added a carefully selected 56 patents to those already included in the public domain to make the patents available for commercial-use without any restrictions.

Source: Business Recorder