NA adopts report to enhance MPs salaries, perk privileges

ISLAMABAD:  The national assembly Thursday adopted a report of special committee seeking enhancement of salaries, perks and privileges of lawmakers, speaker, deputy speaker, chairman and deputy chairman of national assembly and senate respectively.

Acting chairman of the standing committee on rules of procedure and rrivilege Chaudhary Mahmood Bashir Virk presented the report on the salary and allowances of the speaker/chairman senate, deputy speaker/deputy chairman in the house.

Speaking on the occasion, he said there was a general impression that the lawmakers were drawing huge salaries besides perks and privilege. However, their salaries were very meagre.

He explained that before finalizing the report salary, perks and privilege of lawmakers of neighbouring countries India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and European countries were also studied.

The committee recommended that salaries of the members should be brought at par with the salary of federal secretary of (BS-22).

It is proposed that basic salary of the lawmaker should be enhanced from existing Rs 36,420 to Rs 200,000 while office maintenance allowance from Rs 8000 to Rs 100,000, constituency allowance Rs 70,000 and Transport and utility allowances each Rs 50,000.

It is also proposed that a member provided with vouchers may be allowed to opt for encashment of said vouchers with the same amount of Rs 300,000.

Similarly, it is also proposed to enhance the salaries, perks and privileges of speaker national assembly, chairman senate, deputy speaker and deputy chairman.

It is proposed that the basic salary of speaker/chairman should be increased from existing Rs 97,124 to Rs 400,000, sumptuary allowance from Rs 6000 to Rs 50,000 while basic salary of deputy speaker/deputy chairman from Rs 89,841 to Rs 350,000 and sumptuary allowance from Rs 6000 to Rs 40,000. -APP