Messy people are more intelligent

WEB DESK: People always appreciate the disciplined people. Ones that keep their things in places, with nicely made wardrobes, properly dressed up and everything nice.

Is your desk flooded with loose pieces of paper? Do you have a hard time keeping track of certain belongings, specifically tubes of chap-stick and credit cards? Is your room clean for maybe one day a week at most?

Let this fact be revealed that according to Steven Johnson’s book “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation,” it says messiness is an indicator of intelligence, according to Ideapod.

The theory says that people with congested, idea cluttered brains have more potential. The more ideas you can expose yourself to, the more chance for innovation.

Clutter could actually stimulate a person to do work more intelligently. He could think in more directions and can come up with something much creative. While many people would argue that a clutter of items on someone’s desk or the floor of his or her room may prevent that person from thinking clearly.

Your own disorganization will train you to approach situations differently, perhaps in a way that prepares you to handle the disorderly nature of life. So never get frustrated when someone calls you unorganized.