London buses to carry ‘Subhan Allah’ sign during Ramazan

Photo: Business Recorder

LONDON: Buses featuring an Arabic phrase ‘Subhan Allah’ which translates as ‘Glory to Allah’ would run across the streets of London in order to raise awareness during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Express, hundreds of buses across Britian would carry the phrase ‘Subhan Allah,’ as part of a campaign by a charity Islamic Relief.

The charity organization states that the posters would help raise funds for victims of war and disasters in countries such as Syria, and would also portray Islam in a positive light.

“There is a lot of negativity around Muslims. We want to change the perception of Islam. The campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions,” said Islamic Relief’s UK Director, Imran Madden.

As per BT, Subhan Allah would most prominently be featured on buses in the city of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Leicester.

“We want to celebrate the fact that extreme poverty has been halved and give thanks for the opportunity that Ramadan provides to give generously in support of people in need,” said Madden.

Madden added, “In a sense this could be called a climate change campaign because we want to change the negative climate around international aid and around the Muslim community in this country.”

The advertisements will feature on 180 London buses from May 23 just ahead of Ramadan, which falls between June 6 and July 7.

Source: Business Recorder