Like to play controversial roles as well: Fawad Khan

WEB DESK: The Pakistani drama industry’s charm and glamour, Fawad Khan is now scoring hits in our neighbors. After the huge success of his first Indian Movie “Khoobsurat” and his recent release “Kapoor and Sons”, Fawad has now become a super hero.

In an interview with Times of India, Fawad said, “I will be cautious about my roles, as there are a lot of characters. I’d like to play which could be controversial.”

Mr. Khan, being a foreign to the neighboring country and after all the political scenarios happening there has earned so much of fame. When asked about his expectations, Fawad said, “I was not expecting an explosive response like this, and so much love and affection. It’s very touching and flattering at the same time.”

He also talked about the fear which he has being a new to Bollywood. “My only fear is whether I will be able to pull off a certain role convincingly. The audience might not fall in love with me as a star, but as long as they love the characters I play, I’m happy. All the rest I got would be bonus.”

Adding to the conversation Fawad told about his interest in Bollywood industry since his childhood. He said, “I grew up watching Bollywood movies. I was a fan of a lot of actors from the 80s and 90s like Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor. I would love watching films like ‘Mr Natwarlal’, ‘Shahenshah’, ‘Satte Pe Satta’ and ‘Mr India’, and these movies have stuck with me.”

Fawad also disclosed about his rockstar time. He said, “I was a rebel and I used to wear my hair long (points to his shoulder). Those were my rock star days. At one point I was a rebel without a cause, just for the sake of it. I used to be a backbencher in class, but that was because I wanted to go to the university where most of my friends went to, especially my wife. And I had been coerced by my father to go to a university and study a curriculum which I wasn’t so excited about.”

“We were all into metal, rock and the underground band culture was thriving then. So, it became a bit of an escape for me, and I remember sometimes I would take a pillow to school. I would pull a couple of chairs together at the back, lie down and go to sleep and wake up only during roll call. I took pangas like that. Then I got into a rock band and we would perform underground gigs.” He added further.

Khan also shared his wish to be a rockstar again, “I would love to be a rock star again, if I could find that talent and vocal chord in me which I’ve been looking very hard for all these years. I haven’t managed to find it, so I had to choose the life of an actor.”