K-E high tension line tripped, plunged half city into darkness

file photo

Karachi: K-electric extra high tension line tripped which cause blackout in most areas of the city covering red zone, Governor House, and CM house on Thursday, Aaj News reported.

According to K-electric spokes person, due to technical fault in Queens’ road grid station, power supply impeded in CM and Governor House including several areas of the city.

Citizens spent night outside their homes however, protests were not recorded. Other areas including Saddar, Garden, Emprise Market, Regal and Business road covering Guru Mandir, Teen Hatti, Liaquat Abad, Jamshed Road were out of power.

According to the reports, six-hour loadshedding continued in different areas including Tower, Kharader, Qayyum Abad and Sultan Abad.

The director of Electric cooperate communication, Sadia Dada said, “Technical fault in Queens’ road grid station impacted power supply.”

She further thanked citizens for their co-operation and said that employees of K-electric are serving residents day and night.