Jamil Dehlavi’s movie “Blood Money” makes it to Cannes

The short film depicts the story of American CIA agent, Raymond Davis who was arrested in Karachi.

WEB DESK: One of the most elite university’s proficient faculty member, Jamil Dehlavi who has studied film making at Columbia University in New York, is all set for something big! His short film, Blood Money will be showcased in the ’69th Cannes Film Festival’, which is going to happen from 11th to 22nd May, 2016.

This is the moment of immense pleasure as ‘Cannes Film Festival’ is one of the biggest platforms which presents art in film making from all over the world.

jamilPhoto: File

The short film by Dehlavi is based on Raymond Davis, whose case took media by storm. The CIA agent shot a mugger after which he was arrested in Karachi. The government of United State of America was paid 2 million dollars of blood money to the deceased family of the man in order to free Davis.

The short film is based on a true incident and has been selected by Cannes to have a screening of the film in the festival.