Is Sadiq Khan really the first Muslim mayor of Europe?

WEB DESK: Sadiq Khan’s victory is cheered all over the world. Although, Khan is portrayed as the first Muslim mayor to win any large European city and this cannot be farther from the truth.

For the last 1300 years, Muslims have ruled the Europe and its people. There have been various mayors and Emirs of large cities, backing the statement of Sadiq Khan being the first one to win over a large European city.

Here are few Emirs and Mayors who happen to have ruled few European cities, and their reigns longed for more than a century.

Abd al-Rahman I, was the Emir of Cordoba in 756. Cordoba was one of the largest populated city in Europe. Other than him, Jafar Al-Karbi was the Emir of Sicily.

Sitting elected Muslim mayors include Erion Veliaj of Tirana, Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, and Shpend Ahmeti of Pristina.

The Ottoman Empire ruled most of what is now Greece 1458-1832. Athens counts as a major European city. It was under Ottoman control for nearly 400 years.

The Ottomans ruled much of Hungary 1541 to 1699, and Buda (half of the later twin city of Budapest) was the capital of this province of the empire. While there, the Ottomans supported the Protestant movement in Hungary.

Abdurrahman Abdi Pasha the Albanian, e.g., became the military governor of Buda in 1682. Budapest has to count as a major European city. Serbia was under Ottoman rule 1402–1878.

Not to mention that Constantinople/ Istanbul is one of the larger European cities. The mayor is Dr Kadir Topbas. He is a Muslim.

The Muslims has beena  commonplace as the heads for the last 1300 years. Just as much Sadiq Khan deserves the given popularity, these facts cannot be denied as well.