Irfan Malik says goodbye to Danish Taimoor

WEB DESK: Pervez Malik’s debute has been labeled as “Pakistan’s biggest film yet”. But the makers of the biggest debut of Pakistan have to say good bye to its lead star Danish Taimoor.

Unfortunately the things didn’t end on positive notes. It seems that the makers of the film, which was initially meant to star Danish Taimoor opposite Sonya Hussyn, were unhappy with the actor’s attitude and, hence, decided to let go of him.

“He left me with no other choice. I don’t want to go into details as obviously then he would come up with his not-so-correct version and then it’s going to be his word against mine. It’s just that if I wanted to cast Shahrukh Khan, I would sign Shahrukh Khan and not him,” producer Irfan Malik told in a telephonic conversation.

Though Malik avoid revealing much about the matter, he stated that the sudden turn of events isn’t going to have an adverse effect on the project; if at all, it has saved them from more trouble down the road.

“There was hardly any work done. Reshoot will not take more than a day but it has surely saved me from something that would have been a producer’s nightmare,” Malik added.

“It’s just that we need to be more professional as an industry. We are just losing out on ethics and the respect associated with filmmaking and that’s got to change. I will make sure both are practiced, at least on my set,” he said further.

On the other hand, the Jalaibee actor claimed that it was his decision to leave the project because things were getting too messy.

“I left that movie myself because there were just so many issues,” he shared. “Not one single problem but about 2222 of them.”

In this intense action romance that also stars veteran actor Nadeem Baig in an important role as well as Mariam Ansari and Irum Mazhar. But the substitute for Danish Taimoor’s role is still unknown.