Imran Khan: Rulers plundering country

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FAISALABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan in a public meeting accused the ruling class of plundering, Aaj News reported on Friday.

Khan while addressing a public rally in Faisalabad said that, Pakistan was made on an ideology. He added that prime minister of Albania once told him that the entire muslim brotherhood celebrated as Pakistan came into being.

Pakistan is a greater dream and my dream is to provide impartial justice for everyone, said Khan. He claimed that, development of Pakistan is not possible unless the rulers of this country stop plundering.

He said that the current loan of Pakistan has surge to five thousand billion because of current government.

PTI’s chief also said that, Faisalabad was once called the Manchester of Pakistan but now industrialists are selling their factories and youth of this city is unemployed. Nation is paying 17 percent tax on everything while 98 percent on diesel, said Chairman PTI.

A video documentary was also shown to the public in which house hold of Prime Minister Nawaz’s were giving comments on their assets. Khan complained that, PM Nawaz instead of answering our question he is avoiding it.

Chairman of PTI also presented the female victims of Lahore rally with apology who were being abused.

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