How to find the right hair product?

WEB DESK: In most pharmacies, hairstyling products take up several shelves. There’s gel, wax, and mousse – but rarely is there any help as to which products are best for which look.

Birgit Huber of Germany’s Trade Association of Personal Hygiene and Soap gives the rundown: Gel: This is for supporting and holding a style. It covers the hair with a stabilizing film, says Huber.

“The basic formulas for gels are usually non-greasy and water-based, and get their special qualities through thickening agents.” Wax: In contrast to gel, wax leaves the hair still stylable.

It’s especially suitable for accentuating sections of hair, says Huber. It can also be used to tame unruly locks. Mousse: These can be massaged into a whole head of hair and aren’t really aimed at styling individual strands. They’re supposed to give body and hold to a hairstyle. They can be used on dry or wet hair.