Game of Thrones finally reveals Jon Snow’s fate

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WEB DESK: HBO’s block buster show. Game of Thrones has been known best to leave huge cliff hangers for the viewers each season. Now, with five season gone by, the show gave a huge shock to the fans as they left the beloved Jon Snow dead at the end of last year’s season 5 last episode.

The fans speculated a large number of theories to being the Lord Commander back, while some simply refused to agree to the fact of the death of such an important character.

Season six started on April 24 and the fans waited eagerly for the fate of Lord Commander to be revealed. The first episode, however, did not do justice to the wait. Very little was shown about the ill fated Jon Snow. The second episode brought huge revelations about Snow.The red haired sorceress, Melissandre, was expected to bring Jon back to life and this theory was supported the most by fans. So finally in the last moments of the second episode of the show Jon finally breathed back to life.

The last thirty seconds of the show ended all the assumptions, speculations and theories.

Other than Jon Snow’s resurrection, a few more major happenings took place. Hodor, actually said something other than his name, though in past vision, but we chose to count it nonetheless. Ramsey killed his father and Lord, Lord Roose Bolton. Classic Ramsey. Balon Greyjoy died as the prophecy said.

Now, another thing that is circuling around and is open to speculation is what will happen in the next episode? Will Jon come back as he died or will something change in him?

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