Five-year-old shot dead herself in US

Washington: A 5-year old shot herself accidentally with the gun of her grandmother and the bullet hit her in the neck and killed her, reported police officials.

The 5-year old girl was playing with her brother and a 3 year old neighbor. While playing at home she found the revolver tucked under the pillow of her grandmother.

The gun was loaded. When the little girl took that gun, the weapon went off and fired a bullet in the neck of the 5-year-old, stated Detroit police.

“The grandfather went upstairs and found the baby, and immediately called 911,” Officer Jennifer Moreno, a spokeswoman for the Detroit Police Department, told The Post.

The baby was transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The relatives and neighbor of the affected family expressed their grief over the incident.

“It was an awful tragedy that has all of us shook up and our heart broke,” the girl’s aunt, Freda Davis said.

“It seems like our souls was ripped out of us. She was a lovely little girl. All she loved to do was sing”, Davis added.

The grandparents were babysitting in their home. The incident took place around midnight. The grandmother was downstairs in the kitchen and cooking food and the children were playing upstairs in the room.

“To receive a phone call that a 5-year-old has been shot at their own hands is something I cannot even fathom,” Commander of Detroit’s 8th police, Capt. Jacqueline Pritchett exclaimed.

Police questioned the grandmother then released her, Moreno said. “As for charges, we’ll know within the next 48 to 72 hours, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Any possible charges will be considered when the findings after investigation will be submitted to the prosecution attorney.

This incident has been reported days after 9-year-old shot him with a gun he found on a lawn. Reportedly, since Easter’s Sunday, five children had been shot either by others or in their hands.

Around 88 children had been shot reportedly across the country this year. A former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg funded a gun-safety Group. The advocacy group, which compiles shooting data using news reports, found that 278 such shootings took place in 2015.

In Detroit, Pritchett urged gun owners to consider ways to keep their weapons locked and out of the reach of children’s hands: “An extra step taken last night could have prevented this little baby from being shot and killed,” she told.

“If you do own a firearm, keep it locked or unloaded, away from children.” Moreno added that the 8th precinct gives out free gun locks to gun owners who request them.