Facebook may listen to your private calls, say experts

WEB DESK: Facebook has become our window to the world; we daily share our stories, photos, events etc on it providing the tech giant with a ton of personal information.

But what if Facebook is not just looking at user’s personal information, interests, and online habits but also to your private conversations, revealed a new report.

According to NBC report, this maybe the case as Kelli Burns a professor at University of South Florida states, “I don’t think that people realize how much Facebook is tracking every move we’re making online.”

“Anything that you’re doing on your phone, Facebook is watching.” the professor added.

Now how do you prove that? Professor Kelli tested out her theory by enabling the microphone feature, and talked about her desire to go on a safari, informing about the mode of transport she would take. “I’m really interested in going on an African safari. I think it’d be wonderful to ride in one of those jeeps,” she said aloud, phone in hand.

The result were shocking, as less than 60 seconds later, the first post on her Facebook feed was about a safari story out of nowhere, which was then revealed that the story had been posted three hours earlier. And, after mentioning a jeep, a car ad also appeared on her page

The world largest social media platform Facebook itself admitted online saying, “If you choose to turn on this feature, we’ll only use your microphone to identify the things you’re listening to or watching based on the music and TV matches we’re able to identify.”

So, be careful users what you say in the presence of your phone because Facebook is not only watching, but also listening as well. – Business Recorder