‘Facebook Live’ the latest star making factory

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Similar to Youtube, which has become a launch pad for stars who have, went on to gain fame and fortune. Facebook is now entering in this territory to fostering a new crop of talent with a brand new product called ‘Facebook Live’.

According to Fox 5, anyone can now broadcast live video, opening up their daily activities to real time interaction with people around the world just by a click of button.

So what is the difference between Youtube and Facebook, according to The Economic Times, “While we have success stories on ‘Indian Idol’ and ‘India’s Got Talent’, we always felt that there was a gap in the kind of interactions that happened on TV.

Even on YouTube, the interaction was limited to just likes, comments or shares,” says FremantleMedia India’s Senior V-P, Branded Entertainment and Digital Partnership, Ron Crasto.

FremantleMedia have recently launched a web series ‘Confessions – It’s Complicated,’ the web series debuted on Facebook in April, it uses nothing more than just ‘Facebook Live’ feature to stream the story.

“This is the first time that an audience can communicate live with the characters on a reality stage. This has not been attempted so far. As more and more people consume Facebook on their mobiles, the screen has become personal and the pace is leisurely.”

The company says that the show enjoys the novelty factor as well as the first-mover advantage, whereas, the show unique point is that the audience can now interact with its protagonists.

Source: Business Recorder