Excessive use of green tea poses risk to health

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ISLAMABAD: Excessive usage of green tea during any season can pose risk to the health of citizens due to amount of caffeine it contains, according to the health experts.

Talking to APP, Medical Expert from Poly Clinic Hospital, Dr Sharif Astori said excessive use of green tea which contained caffeine might have bad impact on people health.

He said those who were addicted to green tea after taking meals must limit its use upto only one or two cups a day adding if they drank green tea for frequent times, it could have their intestines affected due to caffeine in it.

The excessive use of green tea can also lead a person to the sleepless nights as it also impacts the brain of human being.

However, the medical expert added, warm water was always better and hygienic than green tea or any other thing for use.

Dr. Sharif also said that use of cold water was very harmful for the health of people and they must drink warm water which kept the diseases away.

A Nutritionist, Dr. Fatima said advantages and disadvantages depends on the type of green tea people use. Green tea works as antioxidant agent in the body and drains the water out from body.

Most of the people use green tea to reduce their weight. People should refrain from its use if they find the symptoms of nausea, perception and diarrhea, she warned.

Some types of green teas contain less amount of caffeine which are not harmful for the people while others with more quantity of caffeine can be harmful for them, she said.

International researchers have mixed perceptions about the use of green tea. Some are of the view that use of green tea prevent from cardiovascular diseases, reduce obesity, treat type-II diabetes and cholesterol level.

However, others say that its excessive use lead to heart diseases, sleeping problems, nervousness, dizziness and heartburn.

Source: Business Recorder