Custom officials foil heroin smuggling attempt

KARACHI: Custom officials foil a possible smuggling attempt when they recover heroine from Pakistan International Airlines plane. The plane arrived from Lahore to Karachi tomorrow night, Aaj news reported.

According to reports, custom officials recovered 27 kilo grams of heroin from flight number PK-305 of PIA. The plane arrived to Karachi from Lahore tomorrow night. Custom officials raided the plane on tip and recovered 27 kilo grams of heroin from toilet.

Sources claimed that, flight PK-305 first landed in Jeddah before arriving to Lahore and then Karachi. Flight was later schedule to to depart for another destination in morning.

However custom officials thwarted the plane to depart after seizing heroin.

Custom officials said that, flight staff could be involved in the smuggling. However PIA officials have assured the custom officials of full cooperation in the investigation.