Court to pay $400, 0000 to Chinese man, compensation for 20-years

BEIJING:  A Chinese man freed after spending more than 20 years in prison for murder will get more than $400,000 in compensation, a court said Friday according to official media.

Chen Man, now in his early 50s, was given a suspended death sentence — which in China is normally commuted to life imprisonment — in November 1994 for killing in the southern island province of Hainan.

After a series of appeals going as far as the country’s highest court, he was finally acquitted and released in February due to a “lack of evidence”.

Hainan’s provincial court, which upheld Chen’s suspended death sentence in 1999, agreed Friday to pay him around 2.75 million yuan ($422,000) for loss of personal freedom and mental suffering, said state broadcaster China Central Television.

Chen initially demanded more than 9.66 million yuan in compensation and for the court to make formal apologies in national and local media outlets.

“I have to accept it,” Chen told the Legal Evening News on Friday. “We have regrets. But we acknowledge it according to the State Compensation Law,” he said, according to the report.- APP