Islam prohibits corporal punishment: Sherani

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani Thursday said that Islam strictly prohibits physical punishment of both males and females.

Briefing media about CII’s three-day deliberations on various bills and agenda items, he said husbands and fathers are not allowed to beat their wives and daughters. Even inflicting a bruise on women’s body is strictly prohibited.

He said violence against husband or wife is not allowed. A husband can separate the bed from his wife in case of her persistent disobedience, he said even stop sleeping with her if she does not mend her ways.

He said women folk enjoy unprecedented rights in Islam. If a woman becomes infidel, she must not be murdered rather she should be persuaded to adopt the right path.

A husband is bound to fulfill economic needs including residence, clothing and food, etc of his wife even if she is affluent. Husband is responsible to provide her all required facilities.

Also a woman should be equipped with necessary training to defend herself to combat any danger to her sanctity or life. A woman is also free to participate in economic activities while living within limits imposed by her religion.

A woman enjoys complete religious freedom and husband has no authority to impede her from performing her religious rituals. A married woman can go anywhere with the permission of her husband, keeping within the limits of the religion.

He said the CII meeting has recommended publication of Quran e Kareem in Amr Al Dani manuscript. The matter has been referred to Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony to decide about manuscript in which Quran should be published.

Responding to a question he said the Council has some reservations over Women Protection Bills of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. This was the reason that CII has made a similar draft of Women Protection Law.

The draft law has been prepared by Maulana Imdadullah. The council has not yet finalized the law and will finalise it in next meeting to be held in July.

Prohibition of Corporal Punishment to Children (Amendment) Bill referred by Senate Standing Committee to Council would also be finalized in the next meeting. –APP