First App to learn Cricket laws

WEB DESK: The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), a London based club has released the first ever ‘Laws of Cricket’ app. According to ICC, the MCC ‘Official Laws of Cricket’ app is available for free to download.

The gentleman’s game, cricket is famous for having a complicated set of rules, at least for layman fans like us. No problem now we have an app for that as well.

“This app is the perfect introduction to the game for a new supporter. As Guardians of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, it is vital that MCC embraces the new audiences that the sport has gained in recent years and makes the Laws of the game even more accessible,” said Derek Brewer, MCC Chief Executive.

The app is divided into three parts i.e. Laws of Cricket, Animations and a Quiz section. As per ICC, the app explains all 42 laws of the game of cricket.

The Laws are divided into eight sections, and provide information ranging from how to set up a game to appeals and modes of dismissals.

The Animations section consists of 15 Laws animations, available to view, and explain various Laws including ‘Damaging the Pitch’ and ‘Obstructing the Field’.

According to Lords, the cricket laws app also features 18 separate videos of umpire signals, inorder to simplify Laws of Cricket for players, officials and fans.

“This app is the perfect introduction to the game for a new supporter. There is also plenty within it that will appeal to players of all ages, officials, coaches and more traditional cricket supporters who want to brush up on their knowledge,” added the MCC Chief Executive.

Now coming to the quiz section, the quiz simply tests the user on knowledge acquired through interacting with the app. The quiz is available in ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ levels, while scores can also be shared through social media.

So what are you waiting for, the app worth a download, and it’s free on both Android and iOS. – Business Recorder