Computers that can be injected into eyeballs

WEB DESK: Google has been relaunching a computer that can be injected in eyeballs of the people and correct their sight.

Google had previously tried to create an eye-linked computer with Google Glass spectacles, but that idea ran into problems and is now being relaunched as a product specifically for the workplace.

Along with correcting people’s sight, it would also provide extra powers. The device will be stick into people’s eye.

This launch has been another example of the Google’s apparent interest in getting computers into and onto people’s eye, though the technology in the patent may never actually be released.

Poor vision can be corrected by putting the machine just behind the visible part of the eye focusing light.

It includes storage, a radio and lenses, the patent says. It would power all of that using an energy-gathering antenna. That antenna would allow it to connect to another device outside of the eye that would help it process information.

Google is making steps to place technology onto the eyeball itself, rather than just an external visual aid. In 2014, it filed another patent for smart contact lenses that could display information and monitor their wearer’s glucose levels.

Technology patents never actually make it to market, so the injectable computer might not actually be in people’s eyes any time soon. The company is collaborating with a health care company, while the work on the patent is ongoing.