Burkha Avengers hits in London

WEB DESK: Burka Avenger, Pakistan’s first full length animated series, released few days back in British capital. Burka Avengers will continue to charm their audiences throughout May.

The series had faced resentment back in 2013 for allegedly depicting burka (veil worm by Muslim women).

Negating the allegation, Haroon Rashid, the brain behind Burka Avengers, clarifies in an interview that the character (Jiya) wears a burka just to hide her identity.

“Jiya is a school teacher who doesn’t normally wear a burka. She’s a normal person like you and me.” He further explained, “She doesn’t shoot, kick, or punch anyone; she uses her books and pens to fight her enemies and that [act itself] gives an underlying message.”

- File Photo

– File Photo

The makers also sustain that unlike “sexualised” Western characters, “like Catwoman and Wonder Woman,” the Burka Avenger is fighting evil and promotes education for all “with books and pens as her weapons”.

In 2013, Times entitled Burka Avengers, the ninth most influential character. The same year Burka Avengers became a controversy.

Explaining the impacts of the Burkha Avengers series, the host at CBS summarized that the series changes the perception about the burka and makes it a sign of empowerment instead of oppression (which is how the west generally sees it).

The Burkha clad super women, award winning series  will continue to screen at the Royal Festival Hall in London until the end of May.