Another controversy for Mamta Kulkarni?

Controversial Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni has been in news for past few months for every wrong reason. After police found out about Mamta Kulkarni’s alleged husband Vicky Goswami’s involvement in international drug racket again, Mamta Kulkarni’s bank accounts are being closely studied and the police have already found out that the ex actress has been receiving large amount of money from abroad.

The police suspect the money was being invested in real estate in Thane and Mumbai, and a couple of Bollywood distributors and a film financier are also being probed after the cops found they were in regular touch with Mamta, who severed all ties with Bollywood in mid-1990s, Times of India reported.

Mamta was being investigated by Thane cops for being the central figure in smuggling 20 tonnes of ephedrine into the city when they found out big transaction through her account in Mumbai.

Source: Business Recorder