Ali Haider Gilani’s history of abduction and release

Image: Huffington Post

WEB DESK: Former Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son, Ali Haider Gilani was abducted on May 9th 2013, when he was conducting a local meeting in his hometown Multan. In the abduction, his bodyguard and secretary was killed. 

The location of the Former PM’s son was said to be somewhere in Afghanistan, same as then kidnapped, Shahbaz Taseer, son of Governor of Punjab, late Salman Taseer. Gilani was kidnapped in the area of Khurram Town in his hometown, Multan where he was conducting a local meeting.

Last year on May 24th, Yousaf Raza Gilani received an anonymous telephone call from Afghanistan and it happened to be Ali. The father and son had an eight-minute long conversation. Ali told his father he was better and also spoke to Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

“My son told me that he is happy and safe at an unknown place,” the elder Gilani told the media after the phone call. “He enquired about the health of his mother and other family members. He declined to disclose more and said that Almighty Allah will surely help us. He said he is safe and sound and we should not be worried about him.”

He said that a man named Javed Paracha, who spoke on behalf of Abu Yazeed, had told him that he had been holding Ali Haider in captivity.

“Paracha gave me an audio recording of Ali Haider, but later he disassociated himself from Abu Yazeed, and a new mediator, a former student of a seminary, gave me a video recording in which my son said that he had been kidnapped by Mujahideen and their demand should be met for his recovery.”

The government had received a video last year showing Ali Haider in chains and the kidnappers demanding Rs2 billion for his release. Later they reduced the ransom to Rs500 million.